A Sith knight, a pirate, and two Slytherin students are talking – I’d say I’m kidding, but I’m one of the students.

The last cosplay party of the year at the Millenáris, in a one-day design. By the beginning a huge crowd had gathered, the line was long and crowded, the end standing outside in the cold. Yet he did not frighten me or anyone else. I finally get in after forty minutes, Narnia is nowhere to be found. To my left, Bellatrix Lestrange speaks in front of the camera, a Nox walks in front of me, anime characters bounce in front of the Wii dance, and in the distance I even see Saruman.

The entire Hall B is ours, on two levels. Upstairs, the Alchemist Laboratory holds a workshop where figures could be made throughout the day. Next to it, they exhibited their own works, including an old type of monitor with built-in figures (with this installation, his creator also won an award).

A few meters away are the members of the 12 cosplay clubs at Grimmauld Square, Bellatrix, Professor Snape, Hermione, and Scabior. My first cosplay team, seasoned with Katniss from Running Fire (our Luna).

The ground floor, well, that’s all there is. In the middle of the room were vendors, loaded with books, more beautiful swords, or just cosplay accessories. One of the sponsors of the event, Könyvmolyképző Kiadó, brought its author On Sai, who dedicated his newly published books.

Next to the main stage where the 501st Legion, members of the Star Wars cosplay club, Jedi, and Sith at a table. On the opposite side of the hall are the Stargates with the tactical Santa Claus (Stargate cosplayers with Santa’s beard and cap).

Yes, Christmas is the main theme at this event, with angels, Santas, and red-cap cosplayers everywhere. The organizers also took care of the festive atmosphere, here and there a decorated tree emerges.

Of course, gamers were also given the opportunity to have fun: they could also play, jump or dance before the Xbox, Playstation, and Wii. At the Console Corner, a Just Dance level survey was held and then a competition.

During the day, ongoing programs took place on the big stage: AMV shows and competitions; here you could enter with your own music and anime videos. Introducing the world of EVE online sci-fi MMO, which is becoming more and more popular in Hungary. Karaoke demonstration or just a quiz game. I was most looking forward to the cosplay competition, which is a two-hour competition where there are people who only show off their own clothes, but there are also people who make some kind of performance. My personal favorite is Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen, who I later managed to capture some of the common pictures.

And in the evening, a huge party took place, based on the professional dancers of the dancing AMVs and Para Para Fake Starz. They dance on stage while the audience follows their movements in front of them, with more or less success, of course. As always, the event closes with the announcements of the results and of course the prizes!

See you at Spring Mondocon!