Civilians’ camping away from the nerd culture may immediately come across two familiar and at the same time unknown words in the first sentence.

Stargate originally called Stargate. It is a sci-fi series made in North America under the MGM logo and screened for ten years, bringing several spin-off shows to life, which has also been broadcast on several channels in Hungary. But what is cosplay? In short: dressing up, passion, friends, art; wearing different costumes and accessories to shape a beloved character – the number one program for fan clubs.

The genre, which is native primarily to America and Japan, may still be a bit unusual in Hungary, but it is evolving. More and more cosplay clubs are being born in Hungary as well. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings – these are the biggest at home, but if we look very closely, sooner or later we will also find hardline representatives of anime and manga culture. Although the Stargate universe, launched in ’94 with the movie Stargate, has long been a defining factor in the world of sci-fi, the home club has fewer members than before but has already joined them on their first birthday party.

The event was far from being a mass event, but it didn’t affect the mood at all. The enthusiasm of the organizers and participants, which is common among the big brothers overseas, worked flawlessly. Already weeks before the date, you could vote for your favorite series episodes on the team’s Facebook page, which of course were screened; the organizers also launched several rounds of quiz games, and the prizes were, of course, stargate relics. There was also an opportunity to try on different uniforms seen in the series – the results can be viewed on the team’s album.

An enthusiastic small team organized along a common interest has every chance to outgrow itself and introduce as many interested people as possible to this species-heavy world, but even to the sci-fi genre itself – the key factors needed to do so are already there. I had a great time, it was good to talk to people who love this world. I can’t wait for their second birthday.