Last Saturday, G12 also came, Grimmauld tér 12 (aka Grimmauld Square 12), Hungary’s first and only Harry Potter cosplay club. Meeting at the Western Railway Station, we started looking for track 9 and were guided by a sudden idea; some laughed at the thing, but someone was waiting for a train to make sure we could find it around the tenth track. Then, we headed to Margaret Island, walking, with everyone in gowns, hats, or even sunglasses – yes, we laughed at that too.

My first encounter with the club was last summer. Ixi invited me there, and I enjoyed it so much that I got caught up in it right away. I’ve never dared appear anywhere in cosplay before, but when I finally met “crazy people” like me, things changed, and I’ve been hunting cons ever since (you can read about Anime Christmas here).

On Margaret Island, we sat near ruin for a picnic – in a bit of a Hogwarts atmosphere. First, we discussed the group’s further activities, plans, and events where we will participate and promote the G12. Then came the game: a quiz race, quizzes, and a well-known Pop-Up Harry Potter version. In the end, the informal conversation came to the fore, and things outside the fandom also came to the fore. We exchanged tips and ideas on buying a wig or making a cosplay.

Anyone who loves the world Rowling has created can join the group; there are still unfilled characters. I recommend it with a calm heart to anyone who likes to have good conversations and laugh.

It was a fantastic day again. I am a happy and proud Slytherin student and will always be!