I couldn’t attend the first two meetings (honestly, I didn’t even hear about their existence), then last year Ixi invited me to a Pottercon meeting and things got loose – I’ve been a real cosplayer ever since. After that, I didn’t even have the option of not attending the meeting, and if I’m already going, Ixi and Orlissa will come too. We were looking forward to a really ferocious day with the three of us.

By the time we got to the Millenary, horcrux hunting throughout the park was in full swing – I have loved the idea ever since – but what really became my favorite was the spelling puzzle. Yes, we got twenty-five spells cut into letters that we had to unravel – I didn’t make any, but Ixi and Orlissa excelled at it. There was everything: lumos, petrificus totalus and expecto patronum, and on top of that, you even had to know what the particular spell was good for.

Participants were divided into six groups: Scrolls, Ghostbusters, Arrows of Centaurs, page 394, Smashers, Enemies of the Successor – I think the names of the teams deserve special congratulations. The three of us from Watchaholics have strengthened the Ghost Lodge.

Photography wasn’t simple “fun,” as it took about sixty people to set up so that everyone could see, which is no small thing, but in the end, it just worked out. Then, taking advantage of the space, the photographers photographed all of us from the balcony of the Millennium, now in the form of the Relics of Death.

The event was closed by the Harry Potter counterpart of the show Pop-Up. Where, in each round, two people took on the role of a character and then improvised a scene for a given situation, in which they had to incorporate the silly sentences they had received in advance, but could only read them on command. There were those who really immersed themselves in the role and we spectators were already in tears of laughter.

It was a great day, with great weather, nice company, and full of fans. We can’t wait for the next one!