This year promised a dangerously dense weekend: International Book Festival, PlayIt, Mondocon, Star Trek meeting – and I would have liked to have multiplied by division so that I could be everywhere. In the end, I decided with Ixi, and Mondocon won (who would have thought?) – so surely the Watchaholics girls took on cosplay again.

The start didn’t go smoothly, because although the weather wasn’t good for a semi-outdoor event, the almost quarter-hour-late opening of the gate added to it – there was a bit of a lynx mood outside, which was quite interesting in a group of assassins, wizards, and monsters. can cause.

The greatest interest – as always for years – was attracted by the presentation of the competitors in the craftmanship category of the cosplay competition, and I am not exaggerating when I write that if we had stood on each other’s shoulders, there would not have been afoot in the Hungexpo K building. And the costumes were stunning: with every meticulous workmanship and hours of work, all of her performing clothes and accessories to this day were made.

But not only did the whole event consist of the big stage, but the building has also located a building away (building 25), where I managed to run into a huge TARDIS poster – needless to say, like all good sci-fi, I take photos right away. I started before. We stabbed so many books, booklets, jewelry, and other accessories with Ixi that we would have needed at least two Fire Lightnings to repatriate. There was even a sushi bar here, the adorable scent of which swept the entire building – which we acknowledged with huge stomach crunches.

A little further away was the gamer and exhibitor hall, which, as its name suggests, was a local paradise for players on Saturday. And here we found our sought-after exhibitors: Alchemist Laboratory, Stargate Cosplay Club, and Star Trek Friends Society – the latter having a club day on Sunday. Here, then, was everything that would mean heaven for a sci-fi: tribli, zpm, felix felicis necklace, moving messenger beetle, zat, printed primary guideline, and these were just the tip of the iceberg.

On Saturday, we decided to take a look at the smaller performances held as part of the event, and four of them were added to the list of people to watch, but due to the initial delay, we were only able to attend two of them. The first is the Eighth Lecture: Death! (Alien), where we learned incredibly interesting things from the world of Alien movies, we saw inside and at the same time very rare photos and also managed to find out what was wrong with the movie Prometheus. And I will have forgotten the most important thing: there is already a Hungarian section called UHCM (United Hungarian Colonial Marines). The second performance was given by the Star Trek Group of Friends, which can be called an introduction to the world of Trekkies, but was also enjoyed by those who can pair not only the captains with the spaceships, but all members of the crew, both in space and time.

Saturday night was repeatedly spun up by the dancers of Para Para Fake Starz (even before the announcement of the results) – whose movement and perseverance I am constantly amazed at. The group jumps to music on stage while the audience has to mimic their movements – which in my case is less than more successful. It was a good little day – apart from the little bumps – I hope to see you tomorrow. In the meantime, two Slytherin witches will greet everyone.