Today I made a real treat, as I spent most of the Sunday in the backstage, so, unfortunately, I missed a lot of programs, but in return, I was able to take part in something I hadn’t had the opportunity to before.

Learning from yesterday’s lesson, I didn’t go to the gate opening (not because I fell asleep, no, there’s no such thing here). By the time I got there, they were already looking for me angrily — for I undertook to help the greatest of the witches, the “reinventor” of broom flying, the enemy of Oz, the evil Western Witch — whom I call only the Elves. Our acquaintance is long, as his book about his life – written on paper by writer Gregory Maguire and from which a musical was born called Wicked – is one of my favorites.

Elfi decided years ago to give up its green color so that it could more easily melt into our world, so I was honored to be able to help him turn green again – and of course, I kept everyone away from him, even with a drop of water. volt. The long and by no means simple “greening” project (shortly before the show started) was followed by a forceful procedure of crossing the crowd and getting behind the scenes.

Elfi had never performed on MondoCon before, so he was a little excited, but besides me, the adorably kind helpers reassured him and poured soul into him before the production. Then the moment arrived — and I finally saw it properly — and Elfi let out his voice and sang Defying Gravity and showed the audience how much better he was than the charming and ever-white barrel of Glinda.

Beyond the big event, we were sorry – sorry, Elfi – for the photography, which was important at the announcement of the results. Oh, well, I missed the most important thing: yes, my beloved Elfaba started in the MondoCon Performance competition. After finishing the photography, he remembered that beautiful red shoe, but in the end, beyond that, he decided to change his color back to what he was used to. We also met Lord Vader, a K-9 robot dog, and a Doctor as part of a walk-down walk. Then, an hour later, after eating his breakfast (the process of greening took a long time, so we sacrificed breakfast), he smiled and excited at the announcement of the results.

Unfortunately, however, the jury wasn’t ready for the green skin yet (or rather Oz didn’t want his ancestor to win), so Elfi didn’t get a place.

This weekend was great, thanks to all the participants and speakers, see you next!