Since the captain of the time ship Relativity allowed me a tiny outing in time, so I didn’t have to split in two, yet I was able to attend the event, which was organized by the Star Trek Friends Association. I was already lucky enough to see one of their performances on MondoCon on Saturday, where Star Trek’s Japanese connections were dissected.

Unfortunately, I missed the morning programs that mostly revolved around the First Contact movie – the return date was set incorrectly, but they did me a favor, so I really shouldn’t have said that to the captain. But I arrived successfully for the presentation I wanted most: Magdolna Kasza gave an all-encompassing presentation on Star Trek timelines, Khan, and the two newly made films.

Then they introduced me to the mysteries of Star Trek Online, and where I managed to get all the participants to try MMORPG – plus I learned that Hungarian online games already have a community, since 2002, if you are curious about them, look for them as Shadowwalkers.

And as a surprise guest, Brandon Hackett (aka Markovics Botond) arrived to present his new book, Time Travel. In his presentation, he outlined the idea of ​​time travel before us, interwoven with his own thoughts and the latest scientific theories – perhaps, needless to say, there were plenty of applicants to read the book.

It was a great feeling to meet the other Trekkies, where I managed to blend very skillfully with my technical uniform (I just left that damn communicator again). I look forward to the next meeting of similar wit and quality. Until then: Live long and prosper!