Because that’s exactly what happens to those who take the city by the neck in this great heat to get to Margaret Island, where a professional is waiting for them to shoot and take photos. As everyone has known for a long time, the two authors of our editorial board are also members of the Harry Potter cosplay group called Grimmauld Square 12, but now only I was present at today’s photography.

When I say it was hot, I don’t think anyone doubts it, and despite the fact that we organized the program from three in the afternoon, the heat was still stifling. But sometimes there was a moment when the resurrected wind blew the water of the fountain into our faces, and that brought some refreshment — I don’t think the world had seen so many smiling Slytherins yet. Although poor Professor Snape suffered the most, as we students in shirts and skirts, while he is a multi-layered and closed black dress “enjoyed” the heat of the summer day.

We used a huge tree as our first accessory – and also because it gave so much shade that we could all fit under it. Then came the duel, and we shot an epic scene that even David Yates would have envied (I help, he directed several Harry Potter movies as well). I think those who were on the island all took a photo of us or at least told their friends what a surreal experience they had on a light Sunday afternoon – and I already assume there were / will be those who don’t believe it.

On the banks of the Danube, we learned that the invito spell could also be applied to ducks, but the biggest shock was caused by McGonagall’s evil twin brother: we managed to turn a ship around – of course, all of us had their jaws dropped. But we, the students, should not be afraid either, as we have ruined a bridge.

The basis of all good photography is the right atmosphere, and it was completely in place with us – not in vain, we are a used team. And the heat won’t catch on strong witches and wizards like us – but we’ve dropped the robe quite a few times.