I already knew from the news that the temperature on Saturday would be very high, but that this heat would be able to melt the glue of Miharu’s armor, well, I wouldn’t have thought that in my dream.
Based on past experience, I didn’t want to come to the opening now either, but I didn’t want to arrive too late, but it still worked. There were two main reasons for this: the first was that I pressed the snooze signal too many times on my phone, the second was that it took longer to make my spots than I had planned – and thanks to Ixi’s suggestion, the paint didn’t melt off me.

The heat turned out to be a very recurring motivation because after my arrival we could be destroyed in the locker rooms – or we would open the door for a little cross cover, but somehow we didn’t want that. In any case, we spent hours here until we finally successfully applied the wings of Galaxina, meaning we would have just done it because the glue surrendered at the last minute under the weight of the wings. Then came the realization, the organization certainly thought of such accidents and set up a repair booth, and they even managed to remedy the situation.

Compared to the locker room, the pavilion where the vendors were housed proved to be an even more suffocating place. The smell of the people filling the building and the fresh sushi created a mix that I don’t think I would ever want to feel again in life. But all the problems were solved by the starry sky and a little ventilation.

Of the cosplay clubs, only the Stargates made sense (the others are sorry, but you all know I’m right), as they pitched their booth hidden in a military hideout net. The light of the scorching sun shone here, but in return, a constant breeze cooled the people gathered there, as well as the five-pound ice pack from which I was lucky to get a dice – you guys are angels, you saved my life!

Perhaps this Mondocon had the most visitors, a crowd swarming everywhere I had never experienced before. There was hardly any access to the vendors, let alone talk about the food. I don’t know exactly how the two relate to each other, but nonetheless, the heat — because we all suffered in unison, both those who dressed lightly and those who didn’t — somehow made people more patient, accepting, and liberated. Maybe this was the best event like this I’ve attended so far.

Thank you all very much today, I met a lot of new people, I met even more old friends, but there were a few people we avoided each other – I’m sorry, I hope we meet next time, but unfortunately I don’t have another one (because the world can’t stand two, like me) to be everywhere. And thank you very much for the photos!

And behold, the eternal question on the way home after Mondocon: what should be the next cosplay?