In the Hungexpo area, Alien, Titan, Borg, or the Elven can peacefully sit alongside each other.

For days now, however, we knew that there was no promise of good weather for the weekend, so many of them were afraid, and they were slaughtered for the sun with umbrellas. The clock was nearly gone, when the rope lines began to dwindle and everyone could fill the area of ​​the event. Well, yes, on Saturday there are lot more visitors. Luckily the rain spared everyone until late afternoon, so outdoor photography and programs did not mess up many nasty clouds.

Of course, there were even many exhibitors in the showroom, and even the famous stars of the Stargate, the Star Trek, and the Lord of the Rings cosplayers were equally pacified. While the Trekkie was made with delicious cakes, the Stargates brought a terrarium of messy beans. Although Doctor Who’s table was occupied in a completely different building (the vendors), of course, we also visited them, especially because one of the Doctors- because yes, lucky on Saturday could have met more – has been my good friend for years.

This year, there were also many creative minds, clever hands, inventions, and quizzes that produced the most diverse cosplay games, one of the favorite favorites of Alien being Eighth Passenger: Death or Mr. Garrison from South Park. Indeed, two Bellatrix Lestrange respected this event this year – is there another question as to whether we are doing this well?

It is a special pleasure for me to see Tony’s fight fans even more and more, and now they can not only meet Daenerys but Melisandre, Cersei, Arya, and Jon Snow are also dressed.
We felt great and very, very tired, but today we have talked a lot about our future cosplay plans, and let’s see, we all do this – but far away is the Christmas event.