What we all know about Sunday is less crowded than Saturday, but that does not mean that Mondocon’s second day would not be full of colorful programs and interesting costumes.

This day did not start as brightly as the previous one since the Hungexpo area was slightly wet, but the sun was relatively fast, and a few hours later, tiny puddle. For longer, cp-s with longer clothes, and so on, remained in closed space for some time.

My greatest regret, some of my favorite sci-fi (in fact, all my favorites) did not participate in Sunday Landing, but in return, the Lord of the Rings Cosplay Club had a greater place. Since Judit Csányi is a big fan of Tolkien’s world, we went outdoors for a small joint photo, which resulted in Judith being almost kidnapped by Thranduil. Dear Judit, this was her first cone, and naturally dressed, though not a player in today’s film (lesson: we need to write about it), so only three of them recognized, but their reward was a beautiful smile. Or, for the first time, tasted sushi, and I’m happy to report that she was very fond of her.

Of course, the high-stakes slide show involved us, but at least we had the chance to take part in Kenny McCormick’s investigation into South Park’s murder case, where River Song, Doctor’s wife, was simply brilliant of the suspects.

Yes, by the end of the day, we are so tired again, just like on Saturday with Ixie, but it’s joyful tiredness and we’re looking forward to getting tired again with the next con!