2014 AnimeChristmas

The last cosplay event this year has done a lot, but most of all people have been writing about the difficulties of getting in – and this, let’s see, was really problematic. Those lucky ones came in hand at a very good but somewhat crowded event. But let’s start at the beginning.


The event was spent in a very good mood, despite the initial difficulties, but we were so unconscious in the building that it was difficult to walk (or sit down) with wings. In turn, however, we could have met a lot of acquaintances – because I had not been able to do it many times with them. This time the cosplay groups also had a much larger place, since the 501 Legion in Hungary and the Lord of the Rings Cosplay Club were on the floor, while on the ground floor side by side the Hungarian Doctor Who Cosplay Club and the Star Trek cosplayers – it was wonderful to see that the sci-fi did not blow each other together but work together and love each other’s fandom.


What caused a positive surprise to the present con is the diversity of costumes. I’ve seen a couple of unique and stylish costumes that were not just manga or anime, but they’re also related to movies, series or games, . My new favorite dressed up as a known ice cream merchant, and I immediately asked him pistachio – who knew her? Charlie, that is to say, Bud Spencer, is … and we’re still angry – to whom I can understand my shoulder and bass, our common photo has failed too badly!

Yes, I know this year, an unconscious person was standing for hours just to get into the Millenáris building and understand their anger and their frustration. Unfortunately, the organizers did not know about the on-site changes and the limitations in a timely manner, and a week before the con, there was not much to do. It’s the size of the building, and the limitation that a certain number of people can not go in – also makes me so calm that they are paying attention to the security of the participants in this respect. How could this be better organized? Maybe. Could it be better to communicate this? Certainly. But this does not show their disorganization (believe it, do as much as you possibly can), but the never-before-seen crowd who wants to get out to the event.

This year Anime Christmas has chosen a visit record, as more than 6,000 people participated in the program! I admit I did not expect this level of attendance (and I was surprised by the organizers too) but think a bit about this. When cosplay began in Hungary, very few people went to these events, but over the years, this number grew and we are more than thousands now. Since some cosplayers still experience a certain kind of negative prejudice abroad, so it is no wonder that people at home also have a high level of negative emotions. But that does not matter, because we who love to be different for a day, those who are heroes, wicked, playmakers, or just stargazers. And you know what, this feeling is worth the queue job!