There’s some weird pleasure in it when a person collapses dead tired after a two-day photo shoot, his legs ache, he has a muscle fever, yet an unscratchable grin sits on his face. An account of a day that consisted of more than forty-eight hours.

On Saturday morning, we started shooting with Zoli, who created the breathtakingly lifelike and illuminated armor of Halo: Reach, and Mantis, who received the night sky from a constellation planet. By this time the others were preparing, Galaxina, Dóri, and not long after Tünde. But the real fun came when we set off with Zoli and Atis for a little food and we were stopped step-by-step downtown, but the Chinese restaurant counter really looked great – of course, he was happy to assist with a very troll picture. Of course, countless other funny photos were taken while eating.

In the afternoon, the pampering ladies of Rysa also got their time in front of the cameras, and finally, the tired Starfleet officer finally massaged someone’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Tünde mourned his fallen scales, but thanks to his creativity he quickly resolved their lack. And when we thought the party couldn’t be better, the crazy Alice popped in, posing with a bloody knife and a bad-looking gaze in front of the cameras — or upgrade herself with Zuko’s sword.

We started as early as Sunday afternoon, and the Avatar characters came into focus: joint and individual images of Ty Lee, Mair, and Zuko were also taken. I can say for sure that the pictures of the trio are the best, as they had tea, they were stupid, but most of all they tried to make Mait feel better – you can imagine how much success you can have. Then a baby came to life in the evening, while the creepy girl who owned her did not spare her toy.

Thanks to the Alchemist Lab for the venue and the fun (and the cosplay ideas), to the Padlock for the patience – and sorry for the smoke, we knew the smoke machine was doing this, we just had no idea. We are grateful to our photographers: Sani, Atis, and Buga for the beautiful pictures, all the models, the participants, the assistant for the support, the food, and everything.