Finally, we reach the part of the year when a lot of cosplayers show how works for months to the public. There are those who compete, who are out there for the company, and there are people who are just getting acquainted with this increasingly popular and expanding subculture.

Due to the internal transformation of Hungexpo, the customary building and free space layout welcomed the visitors, but it was to be left so there was much more space for the event. There has been a huge crowd since the beginning, and this is not only due to good weather but the fact that the event is more popular year by year. On Saturday, more than seven thousand people “crowded” to finally get rid of the epidermis, make friends and hide in someone else’s skin.

I was lucky enough to get to know a lot of “newcomers” who just came into the world of costumes and oddities, but they smiled and their interest was immediately to see that they really belonged to us. Among us who love to wear a costume who fights the conventions who are willing to behave tolerantly and who work months in making a masterpiece.

Because yes, there are some who are so determined that they are still on the way to the con, or at midnight before it is still abundant in the Alkimista Laboratory’s workshop, waiting for the drying of the paint. And this enthusiasm and passion connect to every cosplay, this is the system that works more and more, since quality does not necessarily matter (of course, competition is different but a special topic), but that everyone is doing heart and soul with joy.

Because of the great interest, I could hardly get to the performance of the smaller rooms, which I really regretted because the program book contained real pearls. But it was the crowd that made the Sabbath unforgettable when one meter could not be done without joint photography – and, like all cosplayers, this is the real praise and the reward for long work.

Of course, I could not leave the racers on the stage, and I did not just think about it, but also those who hung almost from the chandelier to see the more than fifty individual and ten group starters who had often missed my word. Or many of them are red points for the music choice, which after a while the crowd began to rhythmically move – and yes, it is huge praise.

I really enjoy every single point of the event: the crowd, the queue, the cumbersome progress, the few seats … except for something, every weekend I would like this program!