I have repeatedly said how much better I am enjoying the second day of MondoCon, but thanks to the great interest of the previous day, this Sunday, there was a good crowd welcoming Hungexpo prospects.

On Sunday, there was a real summertime in Budapest, so some of the cosplay clubs were out in the open – but suddenly they had a problem with the sudden pickup wind. At the Star Trek stand, the tribbles were quite weather-tolerant, and thanks to the tricky care they did not grow too much and did not present the whole venue of the event with cute, hairy sci-fi icon beasts. The Stargate Cosplay Club debuted with my own party game that I had a good time looking at this weekend, but unfortunately, I have no time left to play, but I will remedy this deficiency at TimePass Meetup.

Fewer people had access to the games, so we could admire both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – and I still could not decide which one is better if it can be found at all. But the fewer people do not mean Sunday’s day would be less good than the Sabbath, only then others are the priorities.

The sushi is both heavenly and only in the waiting time, so I finally got into a dose that was too fast to lose in a nice, small talkable picnic. Thanks to the larger green area, everyone is more comfortable with it. But after a little rest, normal photography could come in, especially since the unplanned Frozen team teamed up (with Jack Frost), and we were even hooked for a while before the 16th building.

Though Sunday night was not a concert, the finalists of the singing contest created a similar sound, especially the performer who gave it to Highway to Hell, with an orgasm that the entire audience was lying in front of her feet for ten seconds. And for everyone’s delight, he doubled the song.

It was a long weekend for cosplayers and non-cosplayers, and returning to such a day after two days is not easy, but it is comforting to know that summer MondoCon – where it is worth starting your new costume – and a monthly Meetup the cosplay mood returns.