After my much-loved carnival cosplay party, the sequel finally arrived in May, the title of which allows us to conclude that maybe there will be plenty more of this clutter this year. I explained earlier how much I enjoyed the family atmosphere of the event, now a much larger family has come together and thanks to the pleasant time it has become a really great Sunday program.

First of all, eternal gratitude for the fact that the event did not start early in the morning, but at noon (yes, I am a notorious night owl), so I was able to enter the familiar terrain of the Dürer Garden at the gate opening, there was a place for the Just Dance part – I couldn’t have put it anywhere else either, but it was a little weird. At the same time, the entire garden room could be taken over by the cosplayers, which also gave us great photography opportunities – that bus, that’s something fantastic.

On the big stage, the organizing staff at Camp Adamas showed a taste of those who would be with them in August, introduced the Black Fox Team, and told us a little bit about their photoshoot. Then came the long-awaited cosplay competition, where you could finally see the jury’s reaction to the productions of the various cosplayers, and that gave me a special hue to the program. Many of the contestants excelled again, both in terms of technique, heart, and performance, but my personal favorite was still the last participant to perform a ballet performance that even took my breath away.

Then one of the founders of the Alchemist Laboratory gave a lecture on (undeservedly) neglected materials during cosplay making – and yes, I’m talking home now because I’m also making my own accessories based on his instructions. This was followed by the introduction of smaller cosplay clubs, which were replaced by UHCM and Doctor Who. However, I missed the minutes of Paszuly Wig coming soon after – I could ask for a similar performance because it was great based on the sayings! This time, not only was their performance in the Armchair Bar next to the big stage, namely Miyo gave a make-up artist demonstration and also made a lucky lady make-up for a man.

By the end of the day, we were all tired like at big events, smiling, sitting in the smallest and weirdest places, but hardly wanting to take our cosplay or leave the Dürer Garden – the eight o’clock came too early, I wasn’t prepared for it spiritually.

I’m so glad I met so many old acquaintances on Sunday and got to know so many new faces – who I didn’t, they’re too good cosplayers. Sitting on needles, I look forward to similar smaller cosplay events where beginners can venture much more calmly and more routine ones can have more self-forgetful fun.

Thanks to Living Living Project and Vixen for the pictures!