Learning from the conclusion of the previous years this year was a loose forty-degree (concerning the exceptions that would still have taken the event in full gear), but this time the weather was good to us – or the miracles were done by Mjölnir. But on a pleasantly warm, not too hot Saturday, we could have a costume of more than twelve, and the record is new.

The venue is the well-known Hungexpo, and this time the big stage was out there, thanks to which a lot more people saw the events there, and the natural light reinforced other colors or weakened the cosplay contestants’ garments like the reflectors – this is my favorite layout.

The one-day con organizers this time had a lot of interactive programs for visitors, especially the red lion’s playground was my favorite where you had to fly, throw bullets in their place, or just throw a stick with wet balls – which one could be the most popular in the middle of summer?

Each of the cosplay clubs was a fancy game for fans, where they could play with alpha quadrants or go through the galaxy with the SG-1 team or just 80 points in the game around MondoCon could be the happy owner of a single who was not scared face the struggle. Novelties and creative performances stained the Sabbath, thanks to which this summer was richer with new experiences.

Every participant wants to see the latest ideas, tricks, fancy favors, or a good turn in creative minds – the latter being the MondoConon there is no shortage. The diversity between costumes has grown again and it is always a pleasure to see that anime is more and more popular with sci-fi or fantasy-inspired clothes or accessories.

The second round of Eurocosplay this time was the summertime, so the audience had the chance to choose the lucky ones who would represent our country in London with Loveiny’s awesome Ravenna. The winner was Dudus’ amazingly good Plumper – for the costume, all the participants had been there for the Spring Con, so there was no question of applause, whistling and such an amazing expression, we hope the Hungarian duo achieves at least as much success as Aoime’s Ashe.

The Saturday was tiring and happy, which was incredibly dense thanks to the programs and where there were a lot of new acquaintances and friendships, it is a pity that the summer event is only a day because, despite the warmth and fatigue, I think we would all go in for a Sunday too.