In recent years, every cosplay has become accustomed that October will be a really hot month.

The organizers made this a bigger field for both outdoor and indoor venues. The main stage remained in the well-known place, but the dressing rooms were upstairs, and they were much more spacious (the latter less visible to girls …). The racing of the riders, therefore, was much more comfortable and wider, and that did matter much to morale.

In the reception hall, instead of the vendors, they offer more serious supplies year by year. Among the plushes this time the alpaca won triumphant length – and indeed the author of these lines also felt a strong urge to buy one for the Animacard. It was a good thing for the hall that the sushi (and sandwich makers) had this time in another hall, but of course, the relaxed teahouse had a pleasant spicy fragrance this time.

Hall D became a real melting pot, as the gamer corner (which is already far beyond the corner), the cloakroom of the cosplay club, the League of Legends stage, and a real-time machine have been replaced. DeLorean has been managing the Living Dream Project this time (of course, with the full support of Mondo) and seeing the number of inquirers managed to save the clock tower.

Of course, the cosplay clubs raised the level of the event with their craftsmen, but also with a round table conversation, in which both sci-fi and fantasy fans were represented. The “stage”, however, was not just around the cosplay, thanks to the audience’s very interesting and important rituals of teens, they could compare their knowledge and voices in the genre of karaoke, or even with chopsticks, that it was sometimes difficult to undress in habitual habits.

But the Saturday proved to be a daunting day, perhaps the weather was a bad thing: the party was a little hard to get in, and after, it came to power, many people went home, even though the event took place from morning to night and the results were always great fun: – they can not be missed.

Among the cosplayers, many of them did not have their planned costumes, but he did not have much to improve to be fully satisfied with his work. But there was no shortage of creativity on the Sabbath day: a little L’art pour L’art here, a little Disney princess there, awe-inspiring play figures, and the scariest scenes on storks.