As with so many sci-fi fans, I have great hopes for the event. Though the spring did not go well, the autumn was alright, alongside a huge number of programs (a lot of programs).

Life started around noon, but then the number of visitors increased exponentially – and I thought I was just a night owl. But the most beautiful time machine, DeLorean, once again appeared in the light of the visitors – just at Mondocon. But no one believes that only the lines of the car could be enjoyed at the event as all the sci-fi and fantasy clubs were present at the event, but there was also a real geek exhibition where the NCC-1701D was a great addition to Alien Queen.

If Clubs, Legion 501 re-released its working R2D2, Hungarian Colonial Marines made their own made weapons and armor, Doctor Whos Group brought out real collector relics, the Star Trek club had genetically treated tribes, and the Rings Worms were a real elf a sword was touched by the visitor while awaiting a real adventure at the Stargate Cosplay Club’s board game.

This time, there were also lectures and discussions in three rooms: for example, the geek roundtable, the cosplay competition – yes, at that time there was plenty of crowds at the stage – or a dance show where everyone was silent about the skill of girls. This year, Enji Night and Rajmund Seregi had the conferences on the big stage – but fortunately, Enjinek had time to deal with the fans, and he was writing about me about anime and Star Wars, but this is quite another topic.

While performances on the main stage took place, the performances followed in the smaller room, but they were much more specific. Mage Magdolna had an impressive summary of Leonard Nimoy, Sarmai’s tips for photography, MadMiyo talking about his favorite, Anne Rice’s vampire world. Sometimes he wished I would have two of them to see and live everything, but it might have been enough to spin at the event like Cassidy, dressed as Gamor.

The third room became a place for creativity, as both the Wall Street Gallery, the Hungarocon’s own, and the Living Dream Project were great-selling airborne photo walls. But the event was not just about pictures and costumes, as body painting took place, from which fabulous works came out, figure painting and everyone could make up your Baby Groom – and yes, so cute that I’m dead!
The 35th Hungarocon ended with the results of the cosplay competition, both the organizers and the participants left the Ferencvárosi Cultural Center on their faces with a tired and smelly face – such a real sci-fi and fantasy meet!