The season’s biggest gamer show has arrived again, this time in a two-day show, in addition to a new location at Hungexpo. I have a lot of experience with the event, so I have two documents based on two aspects: in one, as a visitor, I analyze the event (it will be positive), in the other as cosplayers (in addition it will be published on another page). But start with everything at the beginning.

This time the PlayIT organizer decided not to hold the event in the Syma hall, as it was already scarce in the spring, the venue is Hungexpo, which is often mentioned, where events such as caliber and size are usually held (eg MondoCon or soon Anime Christmas). However, the arrival was not smooth, the separate bus (I heard from many of them, but none of us personally met any day) proved to be unreliable. The proposed subway plus walking route seemed to be the most logical, but as the organizers promised, there was a “surprise” on Pillangó Street. The pavement, the parking lot, and the area around it were broken because of renovation, and although I was really surprised by the extra quarter-hour walk, it shouldn’t have been communicated to the organizers as a surprise!

By the time I arrived, the crowd got in and somewhat dispersed in the three huge buildings (two of which opened into each other). However, the staff was not at the height of the situation, because nobody knew where is the dressing room I was looking for, and finally, I found it myself. Of course, the youngsters coming to the opening (and of course their parents) have already spoiled the game stations, merchants and the places around the stage – this is the case, as they arrived at the event for this purpose to spend a lot of money and play.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to see more matches in the ring of the bankers (my favorite is Audrey), I could enjoy a spectacular show by the Mortal Kombat formation, which was my great pleasure again this Sunday! In addition, I was able to gain insight into the training of American football by the Eagles team, while I was able to try the latest Wii U, I could look back into the past with the pinball (the red point for the Baywatch version comes separately). Of course, the most anticipated Saturday event was the cosplay tournament, but it was a foolish failure (rapping, losing credibility, scandal, retreat, and ultimately total disillusionment – but there will be another article about it).

On Sunday, I was heading to the gamer stages, where I had many League of Legends games, I could watch Miharu’s and Enji’s commentary, and as an observer, I tried to get the right answers on the big stage. But, of course, sometimes I fell back on the Move Gamer! to the stage where my favorite shows went with special shows, with extreme athletes.

Unfortunately, it was not easy to get food on the spot because most of it was out in the cold, and in the four degrees I didn’t have much to frost, so the over-priced and not at all tasty American hot dog remained (I ask the Hungarian version because it was easier to eat).

The event, the field teenage visitor, could certainly have been more enjoyable – though after an hour as many times as they hit the suitcase, they stepped onto my skirt or struck my photographer that my patience was running out. As an adult individual, it was less of an experience, but it is not the PlayIT as the beginning of the game, where the two self-earned players talked about how the Heavenly Sword goes beyond its seemingly impossible mission, but it’s quite another. generation.