The winter cosplay era was really dense, it was Hungarocon, TimePass Meetup, Party, PlayIT, and the final song of the year are AnimeChristmas. The once-a-day program, this time, was “new” on ​​the spot in Hungexpo, which proved to be a great choice, as there were a lot of people coming back to the event. However, with the massive fog and the chill cold, there was nothing to start, that is, the day when the weather was stronger than thousands of people.

This time, visitors were once again occupied by three buildings, the largest in D-hall, where not only the cosplay clubs and the photo wall were located, but the Gamer stage, the endless line of Consoles, Amai Land, and a smaller stage, where better and better performances were presented to the general public. It is also hard to list how many clubs there are, so without completeness: Starfish Cosplay Club, Alchemist Laboratory, Stunt Trekkers, Living Dream Project, Airsoft Hungary …

Fortunately, lately, more and more non-animated cosplays, from different fandoms, are seen, resulting in more and more original costumes based on their own designs, and this is due to the fact that the programs are no longer just the animation for the general public, but also to the sci-fi and filmmakers. As a result, on the Mainstage there was a real Movie-Fight, we could gain insight into the Star Wars universe, or just entertain the secrets of the synchronism.

Photographing was a good occasion despite the cold, as the Living Dream Project this time combined with the Alchemist Laboratory and brought a real gift box that anyone could become a real gift. But in addition to the many cosplayers, the Mondo team had a delicious taste, on stage K Hiro gave a lecture on the wigs’ wraps, and in the evening Miharu unveiled the public to the art of armor making.

Anyone who was expecting a bet did not have much to wait for, because there was a drawing competition, League of Legends, and of course the many cosplay competitions that this time was even more commonly called, but that does not mean that quality costumes would have been few, as real-life favorites and cult cosplayers drifted onto the grandstand where the cosplayers were magically shown.

The Christmas mood was merely embellished with decorative Christmas trees and lots of Christmas-themed costumes, and although many wanted it, the snow did not sadly fall on the event. However, those who do not like snow, would rather have preferred a massive fog and increasingly gaining ground against cold. In spite of the thousands of self-confessed connoisseurs, none of the weather could affect the weather, so the cold hour and hour had a greater impact on the event.

Though the elemental forces could not be fought, the programs and performances lingered on us as well as our favorite cosplayers, costumes, joyful riots, and freshly-made friendships. Yeah, and this time a nationwide taxman also paid tribute and finally made a very positive overhang for our tiny but growing subculture – no better Christmas gift could have been asked for.