Hungarian stream again, sorry! 🙁 My guest will be CatleenCosplay, but if you want to join, feel free, and ask!;)

So, dear ones, there will be such a streaming conversation with me and my star guests again! : ‘DSo I thought I’d try to perpetuate the conversation on Tuesday, always picking up something on which I would give an opinion based on objective and subjective aspects, telling about my own experiences, and asking questions! 🙂 I imagine it similarly to my philosophical articles on the Living Dream Project, only in video form. I also try to invite a guest to each stream, do a kind of interview with him, and/or talk about the topics together. One of my – perhaps more common – guests will be CatleenCosplay, whom I’m going to introduce to you a little bit now, and together we’ll share our opinions on the “Cosplay freakout” theme, so it’s about when we’d do the piece, sweating blood, but it doesn’t want to go at all, therefore, we will be neurological. What are our suggestions for dealing with this, and for what cosplays, how did you have a similar experience with us, you will be able to hear about this in the show and even what comes to mind, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!