Last year’s trend continues and the team also organized a major carnival party this year, but this time not in the Dürer Garden, because it grew out fast in the event but in the Ferencváros Cultural Center (many of us now this at our second home).

This time, even more, serious media representatives were out, so the Focus team interviewed several cosplayers, and posted photos of the event (later, however, achieved mixed success in this sub-culture).

There were old acquaintances among the programs, but there were also some novelties, which I hope will become a constant factor in the smaller cones. This time the cosplay competition was the most anticipated event of the day, with many talented cosplayers, performers, and designers showing their skills. It is interesting to note that anyone who is competing here can still play the same costume with the MondoCon race – and many have taken advantage of it, with reason. The jury consisted of the usual people who tried to reward everyone who made something special.

Carnival has attracted a lot more people than last year, thanks to the fact that the cosplay subculture is becoming more and more widespread, and yes, there are more and more positive articles and videos about this undervalued hobby (although it is slowly artistic). The costume palette is getting wider: minion, comic-hero, evil, doctor, princess – and I could even list the newest gems, but instead, I encourage everyone to look at them myself!

By the end of the evening, the organizers were surprised by what was announced well: the carnival went on well in the Alkimista Laboratory, where they turned to dawn.