Recently, I was invited to participate in EsportFest, a gamer event with a special cosplay, where they mainly deal with online games and the audience can watch League of Legends games with professional commentators.

I have been playing gamer events for a long time, and I was on the first PlayIT by Millenary when was literally no one. At Esport Fest, I felt exactly the old mood where sales were not the point, but the gaming experience where real gamers meet and struggle for excitement and passion. As a Cosplay, it was my rainy gameplay, but it became my favorite. Even though the average age here is much lower than before, there is nothing to be done against this “trend”, and somehow I have the feeling that it doesn’t have to.

For me, online gaming has the power of novelty (not like Hanama or Ixi who have the canyon-cut theme), so I was shocked to see that it became an independent event and that it grew to be an up-and-coming event. I also died of sports as an expression here for the first time, and I fell in love with it – why not play a game that requires up to eight hours of training a day, a strategy for players, and slowly fulfill stadiums with spectators.

At the start of the event, many people did not dare to come to us to take pictures of cosplayers, but as the mood was relaxed and as they saw others photographing, they were increasingly encouraged by what we all rewarded with thanks, poses, and smiles. I had a good time at the event, the company was good and nice people around me.

The mood of the event dropped something for me from the old childhood when the games were new, and each time they had better graphics – and of course newer fans and friends with whom they could not only talk about gameplay after a while!