The first really big cosplayer event of the year, Spring MondoCon, took place a little earlier than usual on the last weekend of March. Though the event and the “crash” of the event caused a lot of trouble for many, fortunately, many people were able to solve the two programs: there were those who cut off the heat and those who creatively made Easter.

The Saturday morning was filled with TV recordings by many, as Petőfi TV once again visited the event, this time the crew called Enji Night and Galaxina. And on the cutting images, they tried to make footage where they could show the positive face of our small (not so small) subculture: little girls who look at their heroes with awe; happy couples; teenagers implementing creative ideas; and every little thing that comes with this hobby. The video was broadcasted a week later with invited cosplayers in the studio!

Hall D this time was waiting for the visitors with a completely new layout, as the Geek & Craft stage has really become a stage this time, and the performances and roundtable conversations have changed accordingly. The clubs also got here, the Lord of the Rings took a huge door this time, while the Stargate team made a life-sized Stargate, while “training” all the candidates through real training. And there was an expansion, as the Supernatural Club made their debut on this day with huge enthusiasm.

Of course, life was not just in Hall D, it was almost impossible to enter the reception hall where the merchants were located, and instead of the usual figures or games, the products waiting for the host were moving on a much wider palette. My own graphic works, board games are rarities, special mugs, and of course the inexperienced alpacas.

Hall K’s grand stage is the place for cosplay competition, which most of us are curious about every time – of course, the spectators, friends, and fans. The field was repeatedly strong, the jury had a hard time, and it was good to get some help from abroad, as Ferasha and Nana added to the team. In addition, Nana had a lecture, of course, with a translator. Of course, Hall K is not just on the ground floor, but on the first floor, there is a photo exhibition, a drawing competition, a favorite wall of the audience, and karaoke.

The Sabbath seizure proved to be overwhelming, as was Satsuke’s concert performance, one of the well-known anime, singing Attack on Titan’s main song.