Easter Sunday was not for Easter for many, but for the cosplay, though there were some who both managed creatively. Here’s the Sunday, where the sushi took over the festive lunch.

We all expected the number of Sunday visitors to drop, but many more than expected to arrive on MondoCon’s second day, so the Easter Wall was full of models, and there wasn’t much more at the Living Dream Project counter, where a cosplayer dressed in Hungarian clothes was waiting for this time. audience.

The big event of yesterday’s day is the cosplay competition, and Sunday is Performance, which is similarly interesting. It doesn’t matter what the cosplay is like here, but the way of performance, humor, and intelligence – and you have to admit it, there’s plenty here! Although the film screening was very well received by everyone, which is also due to the unrivaled success of The Boy and the Beast, and even in domestic cinemas for several weeks.

The Greek & Crafts stage in Hall D was the venue for clubs who talked about the difficulty of founding and maze in a round table discussion and told about their real milestones and plans. In addition, one of our writers, Hanama, appeared on this stage, and directed the audience into the world of games and animation adaptations, from the very beginning to the latest trends.

Let’s not forget about the Gamer Corner, where both days were fresh and real rarities and tried out, ranging from the latest graphics wonders to PlayStation 4 to the Super Mario with all the retro signs. On the Gamer stage, there were ongoing games, team fighting, and even a decisive one.

Sunday was full of tranquility and a smaller number of visitors, but the weather was much more favorable compared to Saturday, perhaps since members of the Fire Nation were shaking on the ground, not Elsa or Jack Frost. A familiar atmosphere has always had its advantages, for example, many people have been organizing news and picnics today, and more and more photographers are now getting their time.

Spring MondoCon has had a great atmosphere, with a large number of staff, new features, and a lot of fun to come home to, the good news is that this summer will be a two-day event so we’ll meet Hungexpo again in July 16th and 17th (or even countless cosplayers before) or geek event).