I’ve been visiting various cons for over five years, at first, I only went for company, so my outfit was also a piece ordered online, my sister and I dressed up from Harry Potter, Astoria, and Daphne. Since then, I’ve been making my own costumes myself, with the help of my partner, who also cosplayers. I create new ones for almost every event, organize photography, and am actively involved in building the cosplay community as a writer. And I don’t just make accessories or costumes for myself anymore. I recently launched my own website and my Youtube channel is already under construction. I want to judge and even compete in the future, but I definitely envision my future in this subculture.

Photos were taken by: Atismédia, Heniko Photography, Lord Halgor, Bloo, The Little Devil and the Owl entertainment, István Szaniszló, Vixen Világa, Hazardous Pictures

Source: https://www.facebook.com/mondomagazin and https://www.facebook.com/mondomagazin/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154087922817088