This time I arrive with a special event report, because we finally got rid of the “captivity” in Budapest and reached a special point in the country, Debrecen. And the second is the second country station of PlayIT, the country’s biggest gamer show.

The bus route was quite tiring, but by the time we arrived at the Főnix Csarnok, the place started to glimpse in the best light, the visitors gathered at the entrance – because unfortunately there are so many big events outside Budapest, so the crowd is understandable. However, this mass was somewhat different. Although there were at least as many young people as they were in Budapest, they were much nicer and somewhat smarter, in fact, a smile on everyone’s face, perhaps not that we were in the capital, where such big events slowly become commonplace. I was particularly pleased to discover more and more gamer girls among the visitors and the performers, proving the fact that the player is not gender-dependent.

The Főnix Csarnok is a perfect place for any event, and I would like to see the three-story grandstand in Budapest. The organizers took full advantage of the features of the venue and thus provided a continuous view of the stage, with a special joy for the cosplaying legs where the show was finally seen. The show was great: League of Legends matches, the latest Halo series was for lucky, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and of course, a really special little thing, BB-8 testing. But not only did they get the new ones in the hall, because this time they had a retro department, with really nice pieces.

The stage was not just for the games, but for the gamers and the YouTubers as well, who made a fantastic show, quizzes the audience so much that some of them were stranded by the end of the day. In addition, there was a cosplay competition where the jury was entrusted to Miharura, Loveiny, and Rókuc – despite the few laughers, it was not easy for the girls.

For me, the event was a special one, it was my first trip to Debrecen, and the many smiling faces, the lovely picture-seekers, and the crowd-loving crowd loved the city. Hope to see you next year (much) at the same time!