Not so long ago, a group of cosplayers, photographers, and video players could share their pictures, and videos, get to know each other, and get a monthly reward for all of them in a new Facebook Group called HCC. To make the future uploadable images even better, the admins organized a total photo-sharing for Margaret Island with professional photographers, cosplayers, helpers, and of course a great deal of good mood.

The assembler was at 10 a.m. at the musical fountain of the island, where a few hours of familiarization and introduction began, where costumes were outlined by the costumes and the place they would best suit. Of course, make-up, dressing, and a small breakfast/lunch were already started. After that, the team’s grandma-grandmother joined herself and started to conquer the rabbit island, so in our case, we had to hunt down the most suitable places – and that’s why there was plenty of it. The company did not lie at the scene of the site visit, and at that time funny pictures, work plans, and friendships were born.

After returning to the “base camp”, real preparations for the photo shoot were started: make-up, wig recording, alignment, and dressing. Well, it was then that one of the photographers present could work with whom during the day. Although there have been a lot of arrivals, sometimes it is not enough for two minutes to set a good picture – this is mostly shown by our Dragon, who gets to the top spot or takes a quarter of an hour (and down there), but the finished pictures proved that patience is a quality photo this time.

Balázs Sármai’s name is known to many others, thanks to his studio décor and the pictures of the well-known Enji Night and Miharu. Tamás Schrauf, or Thomaso was already in the cosplay world, and he was able to meet him at almost every event. Géza Kovacevic, however, was his first cosplayer photo shoot, but with exhibitions behind his back, he cannot be regarded as a novice – his images are fairly true. Attila Németh, or, as we all know, Atis is not a beginner in this world, and of course, the LoL costumes have smiled on his face. Tamás Zátrok is relatively new in this world, but he quickly absorbed the costumes of the costumes. The event was also captured by two of them: Dániel Takács, who was always there at the funniest moments to get them, and Lord Halgor, who is himself a cosplayer, but this time he was on the other side of the camera.

This time, more than twenty cosplayers took part in the photo shoot, and the costumes covered all the segments: Wand worshiped the Revenge, Alice popped out of Wonderland, a real Dragon came down, Lara Croft searched for forgotten treasures, McDonald’s laughed at the audience while Mead laughed popularity rate and broke the fourth wall. No wonder the team felt great and tired at the end of the day. Not only have we become richer with pictures, but with experiences, new friends, cosplay and photo-lovers, and an unforgettable, almost con-mood!