Ever since the MondoCon has existed, I have been waiting for the summer event to be a two-day event (although I can say the same about AnimeChristmas), and finally, my prayers have been heard, so this year I could have been preparing for a two-day event with costumes, wigs and so on – the rain also came back for two days in the summer!

The morning is always cumbersome, but the weather forecasts of the last few weeks are getting worse, cooler, and of course, rainy days, and unfortunately, this happened. The good pre-planned outdoor programs were dead, and everyone was crowded in the halls.

Of course, the bad weather could not leave a mark on the programs, of which the fenced “playground” of the Amai Teahouse took me to the prime. The jumping animals, the dress fashion, and that ice cream had a hard time leaving the scene, but I returned several times during the day. The sunshine has also arrived somewhat, as the Living Dream Project brought it to visitors, though as a printed background, it is also something – of course, many people took their summer costumes so they perfectly matched the beach wall.

For me, the event was a huge milestone, as I had the opportunity to lead the Nerd Panel, which I was very excited about, Orlissa was here with me, and of course, I also participated in the round table discussion, which was made for this event. It was a very good feeling to talk to real geeks and gamers, to share the experience, and that the auditorium was full while I wasn’t thinking in my dream.

During the summer MondoCon, it is customary to announce the EuroCosplay delegate in Hungary, this time on Sunday, so the big competition, the cosplay, has stayed on Saturday. There have been major changes in the jury and, in addition, three well-known foreign cosplayers have been respected: Nana Kuronoma, Misaki Sai, and Pugoffka – the latter also gave a lecture on photography, which, as expected, attracted great interest.

If you have a lecture, lectures on the selected Geek & Craft stage have been held with selected conference and discussion partners. Orlissa explained the Comic Censorship, Balázs Sármai, the mysteries of photo retouching, the Kobor Trekkers made a real galactic space journey, painting and antique tips could be learned, and the audience was also introduced to the mysteries of lead use.

In the Gamer stage and the corner, there are game shows and battles. And now not only the League of Legends races but also my beloved Overwatch. Of course, not only did he want to watch the games, but he also had the chance to play real retro games – Mario Captured Me – or even while playing DDR and Just Dance.

Although this year the weather was not good for us, it didn’t look like the number of visitors at all, although at the beginning many people had a bit of a mood, the community, the programs, and the time they spent getting away from it, and despite the rain, it was not easy to walk or take pictures, resourceful cosplayers, and photographers have solved everything.