I always mention that for me, MondoCon’s Sundays are enjoyable, with fewer people, everyone is calmer, and a bit tired, but the fact is that this Sunday was different from the rest, and most like a Saturday. The growth of the cosplay, geek, and gamer subcultures, and the sometimes fallen and almost disappearing rain could have contributed to this.


Because, though, the time was rushing into the summer ideal, there was a time on Sunday when we could go out for a walk or take a photo. This was the result of an unprecedented meeting with Resident Evil, so the team followed Wesker and sometimes stood up for Ada because of the fun of Ada.

The Amai teahouse’s ice cream pack was filled up again with a night spell, but the visitors enjoyed it nicely and, of course, with great joy. Of course, the games were not missed, so before, after, and after the ice cream rest, you could jump, try fishing, or try a mask.

Indeed, the Bosszúállók Magyarországi Cosplay Klub had a serious photo and dance battle with the DC Comics club, and made their debut at the summer con, with a result of a lot of photos, video, and, of course, enveloped laughter.


As I mentioned in my previous article, EuroCosplay was picked up on Sunday and decided at all levels. Of course, I shouldn’t even mention that the chandelier was caught by the viewers, but this year, most of them came out and, unfortunately, this year they came back most of the competition. A European match to this end requires a lot of strength, preparation, and prosecution, the field was very strong and the winner was Iconoclast with the Witch from Into the Woods movie.

And again, there was a Watchaholics moment on the stage, as Hanama and Cathy Turner gave a one-hour performance, a stand-up from the film series, catching the old favorites and of course the new horrors. Heart-warming past talk and lots of laughter on Sunday’s closing performance.

The moments of farewell have been fun, as the Stargate demolition itself understands a program or the usual set of makeup questions that always have one or two pieces that change hands.