Encouraged by the success of the first photography on Margaret Island, TimePass and HCC organizers teamed up again for a joint photography day. This time the venue inspired the City Park, it’s part around Vajdahunyadvár, the effect on the castle, and the proximity to the water.

Compared to the previous event, there was now an innovation, and cosplayers had to pre-register, easing the burden on photographers and slightly adjusting when and who would deal with the current model. Of course, this did not preclude the freedom that, if time allows, photographers and models discuss a collaboration locally.

In August, neither the sun nor the heat was exactly our friend, so the photography started at four in the afternoon, but even so, we had to be careful not to let the lights burn out either the future images or the eyes of the cosplayers. The more prepared, of course, were already made with filters and clarifiers – and helpers who directed the light exactly where it needed to be.

And the “army” of almost a dozen photographers had plenty of models: Cersei Lannister, Fem Hades, Sora Naegino, Ms. Marvel, Rose Quartz, Helga Sinclair… and for a long time to come, characters could be listed not only from anime but from movies, series or even tales. have arrived.

And those who had some free time could enjoy the gathering place of the team – even if it was a big Pokémon – because the local Pokemon Go Stop was subjected to almost constant lure, that is, the Pokémon flocked. In addition, of course, they also paid attention to the packages, and many stood up to help, support, or even created a real silly atmosphere with a half-sentence or two.

By the end of the day, of course, the photographer, the cosplayers, the helper, were all tired, but everyone had a happy and productive day behind them, a sort of mini-con-type meeting. And encouraged by the successes, maybe there will be another similar photographer-cosplayers meeting, only while we had to deal with the heat in August, next time we have to prepare for the cold weather.

Thanks to Lord Halgor for the pictures!