We were very lucky on Saturday, as the weather surprised the visitors of Hungexpo with a pleasantly warm and sunny day, but by Sunday this power had run out, so autumn arrived.

But there was no need to worry, as Hall D provided plenty of space for visitors and, in fact, plenty of opportunities for gamers to really get to VR, car racing, or Just Dance at a smaller event – the latter also moved Orlissa and Cathy properly. , but no video was recorded.

By far the biggest bang of the weekend was brought by the Amai Tea House (again, as they stole themselves into our hearts with their ice cream in the summer): in the person of a bouncing castle. They did not bring with them a plain bouncing castle, they bring a Totoro-themed bouncing castle, where it was possible to jump on the belly of this creature, who was quite skillful and had a souffle in it. Believe me, five minutes in this Totoro-castle, wooded heaven will bring back one’s childhood and at the same time exhaust well.

In addition, the dice table fell on Sunday, this time with Rajmund Seregi as the host, and the main themes were the newly launched series, more and more remake and comic book series – but a little Star Wars was also included in the conversation.

Of course, the attraction of Sunday is the performance competition, which means that this time the applicants will attract attention not only with their stunning costume but also with their stage production. Mantis ’team’s magical fan dance featuring Sailor Moon characters, Buttercup’s stunning song from Shrek 2, or just the portrayal of Attack on Titan all won the audience’s ovation.

The rain started in the afternoon, but it didn’t bother anyone, everyone retreated into the buildings, and then after the rain stopped, they took advantage of the short sunshine for a little photography, which is an essential accessory for the cons.

Sunday was another unforgettable day that would certainly not have been so fantastic without the friends. On the way home, the usual question arose, who will take what next time?