One of my first articles was about the first birthday of Stargate Cosplay Club, slowly four years ago, and I was again attending their latest event, where they voiced this fourth anniversary.

In addition, I was not only present as an enthusiastic viewer or journalist but I was invited to conduct a roundtable discussion on the beginnings of the club. Needless to say, I was very excited, even though I knew I was talking to my friends, and our audience also consisted of knowledgeable and interested people. This was so true that several of the spectators also asked serious questions about the series, which of course Zoli, Aaron, and Adam answered from a bite!

The one he spent on stage soon passed, and we were replaced by better-than-better performances on the subject of the Stargate: Slaving and Liberating Jaffa – that is, one of the biggest issues in the series, Maya addressed in her presentation. He was followed by a summary of the Stargate bucks, which became both humorous and nostalgic. And Hanama, under the eyes of a historian, scrutinized the Goa’uld gods and tried to bring a little order to mythology and series.

And Honfi Juli introduced the Coshelp collaboration to the audience. Since 2013, the cosplayers have been visiting children treated at the Pediatric Hematology and Stem Cell Transplant Department of St. László Hospital in Budapest, and this year they have brought together a more serious collaboration, the goals of which are to increase the number and diversity of costumes and get there.

The rest of the afternoon revolved around the synchronizations, as the organizers announced a synchronization competition, the winner of which could try out live thanks to Magyar Szinkron. And the winners certainly deserved the prize, as it is a very difficult profession that those present could only gain a glimpse of. Zoltán Dózsa (Hungarian voice of John Sheppard) and Bálint Túri (Hungarian voice of Ronon Dex) also paid their respects, and József Kerekes (Hungarian voice of Dr. Rodney McKay) joined later – from him!

The day ended with three surprises, in different flavors, and I wouldn’t be if I hadn’t tasted them all! Once again, an unforgettable day was closed by Stargate fans, and it was a great pleasure to see that there are more and more of us in this fandom and how much of a spring our brains go to sometimes.

Thanks to Tamás Schrauf for the pictures!