I have been a regular visitor to PlayIT since 2011, the event for blood players was completely transformed, while in the beginning there were very few visitors to the Millennium, by now Hungexpo is starting to seem scarce. Although the event was a two-day event in the spring, it was unfortunately only a one-day event in the autumn.

Two great halls were also rented out, of course most of the visitors could be found around the Microsoft stage, with the presenters pinching my eyes and ears a bit. Here, the cosplay competition alone and the constant dance of the Quantum XXL was – I watched it at least three times, so brilliant – that was worth watching, as neither the presenters nor the technique was at the height of the situation, arm in arm with the stage productions.

However, what worked really well was the novelty Overwatch stage, where the visitor had to deal with professional programming, not to mention that the commentators understood their business very well and, despite the sounding mistakes, took the figure unconsciously swirling. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand most of the technical terms, but apparently, an understanding audience watched from the chairs. Plus, Bekiee handed out a little heal here in the fantastic Amber Mercy cosplay!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t know anything about the program schedules on the Internet or at the staff – so, unfortunately, I missed a few things – I found a position only at Cosplay Village, so I managed to listen to three of the lectures there, of which Balázs Sármai proved to be very instructive.

The exhibitors performed to the maximum in each hall, and now not only electronics stores appeared at the event, but also graphic companies, 3D printer distributors, drone vendors and many more incredible gadgets, programs and exhibitors that dazzled me. I consider it a very good trend that every branch of electronics already needs to be represented at an event of this size, as this way they can not only increase their own base, but also introduce visitors to amazing innovations they haven’t even thought about.

By far the biggest novelty this year is VR, with a dozen exhibitors prepared to provide a more interesting gaming experience for visitors, young and old alike – I was very pleased that not only teen guys played with these novelties, but all genders and ages were curious about the virtual reality.

Of course, the largest line developed around YouTube, which had a rigorous schedule as to when and where they were present. I also find this a savior somewhere, as this way many people know exactly when they can meet their favorite, but it has a setback that because of the plethora of people interested, the whole thing is mechanized as if people were living on a conveyor belt.

The event, which lasted from morning to night, ended with a concert this time, and as a result, relatively many people stayed at the event even in the evening. However, we were tired by the end and the Cosplayers of Ice and Fire accepted our editorial staff, plus we were even assigned to Westeros ’big houses – and we even got a tattoo!