This day has also come: this year’s last convention, AnimeChristmas, has even managed to catch a Saturday with a very pleasant temperature! But even if the weather was pleasant, unfortunately, the event was less so.

The number of visitors has dropped considerably by now, and this is, of course, also due to the approach of Christmas, the emptied wallets, and the lack of programs. The fund managed to gather quite a few curiosities for a one-day event, and one of them was the envelope itself, the cosplay competition, and the cosplay gala, which of course all cosplayers were curious about. This time, Dudus made his debut as a presenter, and Viktor helped him as an old biker with more or less success – but like everything, he has to practice in this as well.

The other really big and long-awaited event was a big stage performance at the Hogwarts faculty, with a team of great cosplayers who didn’t rest to put a curved mirror in front of their favorites and also struck a great balance between humor and admiration – to our greatest grief we get, and we bow down before Mantis ’mimicry now.

Smaller stage programs like Geek and Craft have been pretty negligible, and I’m saying that we were also official for the Roundtable discussion where we discussed the blockbusters. That is, we would have discussed, but in the rearranged Hall D, the LoL stage occupied a position that filled the entire space, so our communication with each other was reduced to the one sitting right next to us, who was still difficult to hear. However, Hora and Cathy watched us from the chairs and made sure the audience heard everything, including the way I poured a line on the latest Power Rangers.

Of the few clubs that appeared, the Stray Trekkers were the most brilliant, especially the Romulan beer, which was a great success, and the amazingly skillful costumes – it’s a pleasure to see that the world of trekkers is finally expanding in the domestic market and not only in classic uniforms, but also strangers. is. There were a lot of clubs I missed, but now a new opportunity has finally appeared, Workshop Corner, which I personally longed for, even though none of the workshops right now have moved my imagination, but I hope there will be regular sessions in the near future. .

Sometimes we ran into the Reception Hall, where we enjoyed the joys of heating, and we got richer with a few geek little things, well, go with a super Assassin’s Creed poster courtesy of Fumax. But since several exhibitors moved to Hall D, we bought ourselves a little or two from there. And we quenched the evening cold with a great tea at the Amai tea house, the scent of which enchanted even me.

Anime Christmas left me with a bit of a confused emotion because it was good to meet friends to see the many beautiful costumes, but the programs fell back to the level of two years ago, and this trend was already noticeable in the fall. I hope that there will be a couple of positive changes for spring – until then, even though we are working on the next costume, because we have April on our necks!