Social Media Sites – DeviantArt

I joined the platform relatively late (in 2015 January), so I missed the everyone support everyone part from the DeviantArt – some of my friends told me In the first years people worght really detaild reviews from cosplays and photos and there are helped them to evolve. 

DeviantArt is a little mysterious for me, you can upload your work, right details, taged a lot, but now it is so noise so overcrowded. 

The quality of the site remind me a late 90’s design, and beacuse I’m a milleniel, it’s okay for me, but maybe the site need a little more freshnes.

The only thing I hate it the organizing: you can’t make folder in folders unless you pay, you can’t make a visuable folder structure, just, submit everything and maybe copy it to another folder. I often thinks my DeviantArt site is a huge mess beacuese I love organizing in the right folders. 

But there is one function tha I really love, the Daily Deviation – a lot of Hungarian cosplayers and photographers work are pop up in that – it’s always show diamonds from the crowd, and you can see the creativity and hard working in those Daly Deviants. It’s a rellay big honour when the peoples behing the system choose somebody work!

Besides I like it,I can see other cosplayers and photographers whos I never have a change to see at Facebook or Twitter. I recommend every cosplayer and photographer to use it.