On Monday, the PUBG competition of the Hungarian National E-sports Championship arrived at the usual time, but in an absolutely unusual way. This time, the matches were not about collecting points within the league, but about collecting donations for children in need. The Hungarian E-sports Association, the supporters of the league, and the well-known e-athletes of Hungary stood up for the good cause and encouraged their spectators to donate as well.

The organizers distributed the donations to the Children’s Catering Foundation one by one from the official broadcast of the MNEB and the streaming players. And there was no shortage of donations and crazy ways to play, which the audience enthusiastically honored.

“During the nearly four-hour live broadcast, the Hungarian PUBG community raised more than one and a half million forints donations. We are extremely proud that the Hungarian gamer society can work together for such a good cause. ” Said Beatrix Németh, the organizer of the charity event.