Coffee lovers no longer have to worry about discarded slag, as American Grounded Upcycling is already recycling them, writes Sustainable Brands.

The company’s idea came from a business school at New York University, where students were asked to work out possible solutions for using organic waste. Almost a quarter of the waste in the landfill comes from the food industry. Parker Reposa and Drew Enyedi were looking for a solution to reduce food waste.


The city of New York produces 226,000 kilograms of organic waste a year, which in addition releases large amounts of methane into the atmosphere, which increases the greenhouse effect.

The company makes exfoliating soaps, face masks, and body scrubs from waste in New York cafes.

“Coffee is a great choice for recycling, as cafes treat it separately from other waste, and many companies have paid separately to dispose of the waste,” Reposa said, adding that the environmentally-conscious founder of Ancolie Café spent a lot of money every two weeks. remove and compost the trash so it is understandable why he was one of their first partners.

Coffee grounds can be used in many places, from cosmetics to building materials to fertilizers. Grounded Upcycling has an agreement with several cafes to remove the waste, which is then dried and dehydrated to avoid mold, and then a palm oil-free soap base is used to make it.

“Our customers love to hear where our soap comes from and are reassured by the awareness that it is a recycled product that can also reduce their own ecological footprint,” Reposa added.

The soaps were originally sold for $ 9 but were later reduced to $ 7.