Facebook is currently testing Australian users to hide the number of likes after posts, writes the BBC.


As of Friday, some Australian users will no longer see the likes or other reactions to others ’posts. However, most owners can still see how many like it.

The company has been testing similar coverage among Instagram users since July, which provoked a controversial reaction.

The company says it wants to reduce community pressure on users by removing likes. “If we take that number out, people will focus more on the quality of the relationships rather than the reactions,” said Mia Garlick, a spokeswoman for the Australian Associated Press, who added that the company consulted mental health experts about the change.

Instagram post favorites have been hidden in seven countries – Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Italy, and Ireland – but the company has not yet released the results of the trial. However, many influencers were not happy with the measure, saying the number of likes was an important business indicator for them.