One of the most fashionable terms today is an influencer, which has now grown into a huge industry. Although they first appeared on Instagram social media, the influencers of YouTube, Twitch, or even TikTok are now considered influencers. However, as a beginner, it is becoming increasingly difficult to embark on this path, and in my article below I want to help with that.

One of the most important initial steps is to find your own voice on social media and to do that, you need to produce unique content as well as find a common voice with your followers. Nowadays, not only content is important, but also the provision of unique experiences. It is not enough to reach the audience, you need to find the common voice that characterizes you.

It is important that what you do, what you relay, and to do that with passion and skill. Successful influencers are experts in their own topic, and that’s why their followers pay close attention to what they post on social media. Like Amanda LaCount who is a dedicated, professional dancer.

If you want to partner with brands, you need to build a solid foundation from your previous work. Develop an efficient, scalable workflow for yourself that allows you to spend as little time on administration as possible and stay as much as you can on what you really love to do.

If you not only want a large follower base but also want to earn people’s trust, you need to post regularly. You don’t have to upload something new several times a day, just make sure you do it regularly – daily, fortnightly, 3 days a week, and so on. Quality beats quantity. A calendar or spreadsheet can help you do a lot.

If you want an active audience, it’s important to always be authentic. People value honesty and are happy to connect with people who stand up for their personal brands. Be a reliable and credible influencer who gives his own name and brand to someone he/she trusts himself. Like Alexandria who finds his niche with Aldi grocery stores and recipes.

Influencers usually set themselves the goal of gathering as large and tracking a base as possible around themselves, but this is becoming less and less relevant. Activity has now become much more important, and it shows brands how much their confidence in the influencer pays off.

Open up to your followers, but don’t overdo it. Perhaps one of the hardest things to do is open up to others, and doing it all over the world is really stressful. However, it is also important to show the human, real you to your followers, as this will further build a relationship of trust with our audience and further increase our successful communication with them.

Becoming an influencer can take a long time, and it can take months or even years to build your own audience. You need to earn people’s trust and interest, and once you get it, you need to take care of those as well. Your greatest value in the eyes of brands is the credibility and trust you deserve – don’t risk it to a questionable offer!

It is important that you choose one (or more) platforms on which your target audience is also active. You may want to try multiple platforms at first and assess where much activity you are able to elicit from your audience. Choose a social media site that works well for you and build your own brand on it.

The industry built around influenza also has its downsides: many websites offer immediate and dedicated followers, which suddenly throw in the statistics, but unfortunately, they don’t represent real people, most of the time it’s just bots and fake profiles. And these robots and fake profiles make it harder to communicate with your real audience later.