Have you ever had 10-15 minutes of free time and didn’t know what to do with yourself, so did you play with the solitaire? As a journalist, I often need a little break between articles to focus enough on a new topic, and I have a great secret tool for that.

It’s called Plays.org and there are hundreds of nice and simple games available on it, all for free. Plus, the best part about it is that you don’t have to be a big gamer to enjoy the website. You just need a browser to play and find a game that suits your taste, be it a retro game that awakens your nostalgic side, a pinball that provides a pleasant, arcade experience, logic games that work your brain, or just eternal solitaire, which couldn’t even be deleted from the Stargate: Atlantis spaceships 😉

Every day, working in a home office makes its mark on my day, and I have a hard time doing even the tiniest job at home (like starting a wash or washing dishes). That’s when a fast-paced game, something that spins up, rips me out of my world, and at the same time simply makes me happy and reassuring.

One of my big favorites is the Mr. Bean Backyard Junk game, on the one hand, because Mr. Bean and Rowan Atkinson were also an important part of my childhood, and on the other hand, the organizing-manic environmentalist I am is really enjoyable cleaning up the trash a bit, even when it’s it happens in virtual space.

On a serious tidy up, I came across my old 8 in 1 game console, which of course had Tetris as my big favorite, and the next day I worked, I was no longer playing with anything else during the breaks other than Tetra Blocks, which brought back a tiny slice of my childhood.

But depending on the mood and fatigue, sometimes I pull out a classic or just want something new that I can discover as a fresh experience. It helps me a lot to list the new games in a separate menu.

I know many people have run out of psychological reserves during this pandemic, yet they dare not get involved in any new or big game or even hobby, but the lovable games available on such a website are also perfect for feeling better, relaxing a little bit, and reconnecting yourself again.