One of the emerging branches of the beauty industry is indie brands, i.e., independently owned cosmetic companies that are committed to social and environmental issues such as sustainability, environmental protection, or the abandonment of animal testing.

After the United States and Asia, indie makeup brands are also becoming more prevalent in Europe, and we have brought together five companies whose products are definitely worth a try this year.

Kaleidos Cosmetics

The popularity of the company, based in Shanghai, has skyrocketed in recent years. The company also pocketed 5 awards among indie brands, four of which were voted by the audience. The company has created a truly unique world with its eye-catching make-up palettes and colorful concepts. One of their latest palettes was co-created with Angelica Nyqvist YouTuber.


Oden’s Eye

The Swedish-based company was founded in 2017 and quickly became popular due to its unique mythological concept. The company uses northern mythology as inspiration while producing products that are not tested on animals.


Musée Beauty

Founded in 2020, the makeup brand was founded exclusively by women, and their makeup products were inspired by Impressionists and Vincent Van Gogh. And the latest Rococo collection is recommended for the joyful enjoyment and liberation of life. Musée palettes, blushes, and high lettering combine soft and cheerful colors while providing great coverage


Meera Beauty Co.

Meera Beauty is a brand based on the principles of inclusiveness and diversity. Their Bloodline collection consists of three palettes to showcase the rich culture and colors of three countries. The diaspora of India, China, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is presented according to the origins of the founders. In addition, ten percent of every product sold is recommended to community support organizations.


Eunique Beauty

The brand in the UK has a highly unique packaging concept that combines women’s diversity and creativity. The company’s eyeshadow is metallic and shiny, it covers well, plus its entire product line is vegan and the company doesn’t test on animals either. In addition to makeup products, they also sell face masks and face oils.