One of the best things about cosplay is how many new friends we find and how many new challenges we start for him to get better. Buttercup, Hora, and DianaSaw came up with a fantastic 30-day makeup challenge that I joined a few months later.

During the first couple of makeup, I started it all very half-heartedly, and although I often felt like I wasn’t completely happy with my work, I still shared it – because that’s the essence of the challenge. And with each passing day, with every makeup, I felt better and did better as my confidence returned.

For me, one of the biggest difficulties of the challenge was caused by the sixth day and the fourteenth day. Part of the story is that I’ve been using makeup since I was 14, but as a certified makeup artist, I only graduated in 2019, and it was a little weird for me to resolve to have makeup on me that seems like it doesn’t – it’s a fundamental paradox. I think I solved the task quite well.

In the case of Works of Art, however, I didn’t, I’m not happy with that work at all, and I don’t even feel close to the arts, at all. Maybe that could have been the mistake of the whole thing, but since I started painting again, maybe if I did it again, I would be much better. Which I’ve been thinking about for a while now, especially since I didn’t have the right equipment back then, but now I have countless Colourpop, Ucanbe, Docolor, Quibest, and Essence palettes and maybe the challenge would go even better.

We could say that it’s just makeup, and somewhere it’s true, but somewhere it’s a little more than that, motivation, and willpower, I started it just at a time when I was extremely anxious and it helped. Yes, the 30-day challenges have a kind of therapeutic nature, and while we have fun, our technique is evolving as well. So I recommend everyone to try this challenge and no problem if it is not perfect, the point is that you will get better at it every day.

I collected most of the makeup I made in a gallery, but unfortunately, I still missed a few days.