Mahjong is an ancient game with countless computer versions and a huge fan base in the world. Plus, it’s already available online if we need a little relaxation and recharging without getting into a more serious game, which requires more attention and time.

Like solitaire, mahjong is available on online platforms for those looking for a little relaxation.

The origin of the game

Mah-Jong was probably known as a forty-card card game (Ma Tiae) in China, dating back to the Middle Ages and also known as Chinese dominoes.

The name of Confucius, who allegedly invented this game around 500 BC, is often mentioned in connection with the origin of mahjong. This idea is supported by the fact that the game, in its appearance and variations, is tied to the Chinese provinces through which the Chinese philosopher traveled around this time.

There are ideas that Chinese Army officials invented the game during the Taiping uprising to beat the time with the soldiers, but there are those who link the origin of the game to a 19th-century Shanghai nobleman.


European spread

An English engineer named Walker played with the game so much that he successfully deciphered the Chinese signs. He indicated the most important names with Arabic numerals and letters, so he could embark on the conquest of the game in European countries as well.

By the end of the 19th century, a flourishing mahjong culture had already developed in London, which showed well that this kind of recreation had become a very popular game among civic circles.

The physical game

Mahjong is a four-player combination game: a variation of canasta, rummy, and domino. There are countless varieties: for example, Japanese, American, Taiwanese, Hong Kong.

It can also be played with game stones-tiles (136 and 144 piece versions) and card cards, but there are already countless computer variations.

The calculation of points depends on the system: there are Thai, Japanese, numerous Chinese, and English settlements. And the initial arrangement of the figures is extremely varied.


Mahjong in online space

Many of us require a few minutes of relaxation, and the great solution to this is the online game Mahjong, which allows us to refresh ourselves, clear our minds while playing a joyful and constructive game. And as an Egyptologist, of course, Discover Egypt is my favorite.