One of the most important accessories for make-up is the primer, which is essential for a perfect illusion. A long-lasting photoshoot, a long convention, is an essential accessory for permanent makeup, and thus a permanent makeup base as well.

The primer fills in pores invisible to the naked eye, smoothes, and makes the skin silky to the touch, thus preparing the facial skin for a perfect foundation. Plus, with primer, you’ll need a lot less primer.

The primer should be applied before the primer after a perfect facial cleansing and hydration. Hydra-Soothing fluid, non-greasy moisturizing milk, repairs and nourishes skin with shea butter and apricot kernel oil. It is available in several textures: there are also cream, gel, and powder versions – I especially like the creamy texture from NYX.

1, The primer makes the facial skin more uniform

No one has perfectly even facial skin, which makes harmonious-looking makeup difficult to apply. While moisturizer is a must-have for your skin, it won’t make your skin any less uneven, it won’t make up for differences in skin levels, and skin tone may vary from face to face, and these moisturizers can’t change. For example, we don’t like it when the makeup fits into the small wrinkles under the eyes, which in turn can happen often. However, if you use a primer, you can handle all of these problems well.


2, Plus a protective layer on your face

This is most needed in winter or windy weather, but keep in mind that some people who have very dry skin even in summer should use a primer under their makeup as a moisturizer because it gives a more natural look, is lighter, and keeps the skin fresher, like a heavy moisturizer.


3, Healthy shine

If you use a primer on your skin, you may need less makeup, giving your face a more natural, healthier look.

It’s best to wait a few minutes between applying the primer and makeup so your skin can absorb the moisturizers from the primer and you won’t feel like the foundation is just slipping on your face.