Have you ever considered how many cotton pads you use each year? During my daily facial cleansing routine, I throw a minimum of four pieces in the trash, which is a minimum of 1,400 discs a year that I only use for a few minutes.

Although the cotton discs are made of cotton wool, they are combined with viscose fibers, and plastic from the factory is also used for its packaging, thus placing an extra burden on the environment.

At the same time, replacing cotton wool with washable textile discs produces much less garbage and significantly reduces our footprint on the environment. All we have to do is rinse with lukewarm water after each use and throw it in the washing machine once a week. So hygiene is also guaranteed, and we don’t have to worry about the extra water required for washing.


Advantages of washable cotton discs:

  • washable
  • can be used for years
  • available in a wide range anywhere
  • environmentally conscious
  • we don’t produce more garbage with it.



  • stains that are difficult to remove are not easy to remove with it
  • slightly more expensive than a disposable cotton ball.