I have long liked the products of the American Colourpop brand, but so far I have not been able to order them because not all of them can be shipped to the European Union, plus there are even customs.

Eventually, I determined myself and ordered several pallets in one package, taking advantage of the free shipping option. Since there was a mess with my package, my palettes arrived one by one, first Garden Variety, which was one of the first palettes from Colourpop that I fell in love with.

Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful the inside of the palette is and the harmony of colors, they are nowhere near as vibrant and pleasing on my skin. The colors are simply pale, they don’t stick properly on my skin, and I have to satire into my skin to achieve any color effect.

Desserted and Prickly Please are barely visible, not so much that I can’t even use them as highlighters. I’m only happy with the Best Buds and Smudge Off colors, they’re pigmented, the other colors kind of go out of the category.

After trying the palette, I was very sad because I spent a lot of money on the company and worried about whether I would be so disappointed in each product. In retrospect, I can tell you that this was not the case, and a couple of high-quality products have arrived, as well as a couple that I was also disappointed with.

First test:


Smudge Off

Stuck On You

Best Buds

Second test:

Succa 4 U

Smudge Off


Third Eye

Don’t Leaf