I came across this Asian makeup brand by accident, and I immediately fell in love with their Gemstone Collection makeup palette, which resembles Marvel Infinite Stones.

Since I already have a myriad of makeup palettes, I honestly, didn’t order the palettes I saw immediately – Gemstone Collection was the Exception. The palettes were very carefully packed, several blisters and cartons protected the eyeshadow, and a very nice ornate box as well. If you don’t catch a promotion, the palette package costs 70 euros, but you can get it for half price during the Black Friday promotion, for example.

The exterior of the pallets is made of paper, and each has a simple but useful mirror. The print is very beautiful, and the concept of the stones and the whole palette is pleasant and striking. However, the quality of the palettes is a bit wavy, some are perfect in every shade, durable on the skin, and look good, while some have only one or two colors that can tell it.

The Soul came as a big surprise to me, as the company has finally managed to produce such beautiful shades of orange that I didn’t think it was possible. The shades of blue in Space are also really outstanding.

However, the biggest disappointment was the Power palette, whose purple shades aren’t strong at all shades on my eyelids look the same. I am similarly disappointed with the yellow colors of Mind, which simply melt into the skin and are not visible at all.