Anyone who knows a little bit knows exactly how far I am going for online games as well as simulators. But when these two meet, you can really catch a bird with me.

There is a game available on the Culinaryshools website, the Open Restaurant, which is a mixture of exactly these two and also shows how easy it is to run a restaurant. During the game we have the opportunity to experience the complicated processes that take place in a restaurant: ordering, preparing the menu, serving…

But a similar simulator is Tap Supermarket, where we have to run a store and serve as many customers as possible, of course, so that they are satisfied, and we also have to be careful not to run out of stock.

Most of the games are made for children, and thanks to the many colorful, complex, and developmental games, it is great fun for the little ones and at the same time a pleasant pastime for the adults as well. I personally have always loved these online and simple games because they help me relax, recharge, and have a great time, even if I only have five minutes.

My other big favorite was Cake Design, and even though I didn’t like to cook at all – but to eat and did – it felt good to put together a cake, and although the game had to be tailored to the needs of the guests, my imagination wandered a bit. , just for fun.

There are also a number of audience characters on the site, such as Scooby Doo, SpongeBob, or Arthur.